Twitch Panels française Panneaux de profil - vert Bannières de ruban - Feuilles + étoiles


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Panneaux de profil Twitch dans le style de bannières de ruban vert avec des feuilles et des étoiles. Jolie avec une sensation magique et fantastique! Ils comprennent des en-têtes de section de profil ET des versions des en-têtes À propos et Calendrier qui incluent une zone d'informations vide dans laquelle vous pouvez ajouter du texte si vous le souhaitez. Sinon, seuls les en-têtes sont également inclus.

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Ceci est la version française!

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Droits d'auteur et licence / Questions / FAQ

Cet ensemble est Copyright 2020, tous droits réservés. Votre achat est une licence qui vous permet d'utiliser ces fichiers pour un nom d'utilisateur personnel / une identité de réseau social. D'autres personnes ou entités ne peuvent pas utiliser les fichiers. Vous ne pouvez pas les partager ou les télécharger là où d'autres peuvent les utiliser. Les utilisateurs qui utilisent ces fichiers sans acheter de licence se livrent à un vol et recevront un retrait DMCA et seront signalés à Twitch ou à d'autres plateformes de médias sociaux. Vous ne pouvez pas revendre ces fichiers. Vous ne pouvez pas vendre des dérivés de ces fichiers. Merci pour votre considération et votre compréhension.

✰ Question: je ne les utilise plus. Puis-je les donner à un ami?
✰ Réponse: Non, les fichiers ne peuvent pas être transférés. Veuillez examiner attentivement les images et la description avant l'achat. Votre licence est pour un utilisateur par transaction. J'espère également que vous serez satisfait de vos articles, alors envoyez-moi un message si je peux faire quelque chose pour améliorer votre expérience!

✰ Question: je change mon nom d'utilisateur. Puis-je mettre à jour ma licence?
✰ Réponse: Oui. Veuillez me contacter à partir du même compte que vous avez utilisé pour acheter et dites-moi votre ancien nom et votre nouveau nom. Ensuite, je vérifierai que le changement s'est produit et je mettrai à jour mon dossier.

✰ Question: je ne veux qu'une partie de cet ensemble. Puis-je donner à mon ami les pièces que je n'utilise pas?
✰ Réponse: Non, chaque personne doit acheter sa propre licence. J'inclus une variété de fichiers afin que vous puissiez personnaliser votre expérience à un prix avantageux. Si vous souhaitez acheter une pièce séparément, veuillez m'envoyer un message! Dans des cas équitables, je pourrais peut-être créer un package rien que pour vous!

✰ Question: pouvez-vous créer un design personnalisé pour moi?
✰ Réponse: Je ne suis actuellement pas disponible pour la plupart des emplois personnalisés. Cependant, je prends en compte les suggestions des magasins. Veuillez me faire part de tous les éléments ou modifications que vous aimeriez voir à l'avenir!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not using these anymore / changed my mind. Can I give them to a friend or resell them?

No, the files may not be transferred. Please be sure to review the item images and description thoroughly before purchase, as licenses are for one user per transaction. I want you to be thrilled with your items, so please send me a message if I can do anything to make your experience better!

I am changing my username. Can I update my license?

Yes. Please just get in touch with me through the same account you used to purchase and let me know your old and new name so I can verify that the change took place and update the record!

I only want a certain part of this set. Can I use that part and give my friend the files I don’t use?

No, each separate user must have their own license. The reason I include so many files is to let you make exactly what you want, unique to how another customer might use it, at a really great price. Still, if there's something you really want separately, please send me a message. In fair cases, I may be able to create a new listing just for you!

Can you make something custom for me?

Thank you so much, but I'm not available for commissions. I take shop suggestions for ideas you would like to see in the future. (Please understand a suggestion implies no guarantee or time table, nor need to pay!)

I truly appreciate you for thinking of me, though! I do my best to make all the art and animations you see myself, at the best quality I can provide, and I just have more projects than time!

It's also difficult to make room for custom work that is cost-efficient for you, the streamer, as my stream kits take a lot of time and work. They would run into the thousands of dollars USD as compensation for my hours, design and animation work, digital tools, and subscriptions. That's why I hope my shop makes my art accessible to you!

Can I add my own text to the overlays?

You can use OBS or your streaming app's text editor to layer text on top of any part of this. You can also use a graphics program to save text or logos and layer those on top. Most of my overlay sets are layered so you don't have to use the included text, but relevant text .png files are included! :)

I'm having trouble opening the files / getting them to work.

Please ensure you are using a good program to unzip the archive file. My customers have told me that 7-Zip works, but Winrar has sometimes corrupted the files. I use Mac OSX, so if you do too, you should pretty much just need to double-click the zip folder to unzip it!

Other notes on the files:

- A webm is a video file, not an image. You will need to use the correct video setting in your stream software to load it. For example, if you use OBS Studio (, add it as a "media source" rather than as an "image". (**Please read your stream app's manual.**)

- A png file is not something you can turn into a jpg and expect the same results. It wouldn't have a transparent background anymore, and it could have jpeg artifacts.

How do I enter my username to get a license?

Please input your profile name or the URL to where you stream when purchasing so I can add you to the list of profiles that have a license! Your license is valid for one content creator per purchase, so if you use the same streaming "identity" on both Twitch and Youtube, for example, that's perfectly fine! However, unlicensed users can be subject to a DMCA Takedown and/or other applicable actions or reports on their streaming accounts. This is simply to avoid theft of my work, especially resale as someone attempted this before. I'm a solo artist, so I can't thank you enough for your support, and I appreciate your kind consideration and understanding of these terms!

Can I buy this for someone else?

Of course! You can buy an Etsy gift card and then have them use it for the item in my Etsy shop, or you can enter their name instead of yours in the personalization, but only they can use it.

STREAMLABS doesn't work / won't upload something! What is a WEBM?

I can't provide customer service for third-party apps. Small artists aren't big corporations. Here are common Streamlabs issues:

- Upload alert files to their website, not their app
- It is supposed to be a webm, don't convert it
- Click "Save Settings" and wait a few moments
- Upload using Chrome not Safari
- There is no .overlay file needed :)
- If it gives you a "!" error it's because they updated their alert box (again). Please go to the bottom of the page and find "Open Alert Variations" and delete whatever is in it. Then you can upload normally!
- Anything new? Please contact their support! Please don't punish artists for big corporations' mistakes!

What software should I use to stream?

"Vanilla" OBS with StreamElements is what I use!

- OBS:
- StreamElements:

Streamlabs OBS is also popular, but make sure you upload alerts to their website and not to the SLOBS app before using them. (SLOBS is a for-profit re-skin of the free OBS above)


(My referral code in case you decide to buy their Prime! It costs nothing extra to you and helps support me. You can still just decide to use their free product!)

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