Animated Gothic Stream Alerts - Ouija Planchette Livestream Notifications


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Black ouija board planchette stream alerts, animated with a magical sound effect! Two versions are included, so have fun making them your own! You get to instantly download these alerts upon purchase. Easy to upload to apps like Streamlabs, StreamElements, Muxy, etc. Comes with instructions! If you choose to use Streamlabs, please upload this through their website and not their app, and be sure to remove any files in "Open Alert Variations" at the bottom of the page there. See my FAQ for details. Thank you!

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- Animated drop and bounce
- Magical sound effects! (See YouTube preview:
- Two versions with sound: planchette only and with board background
- Two extra versions with no sound
- Transparent backgrounds

- WebM file type, preferred by stream apps and services
- Alerts are 19 seconds maximum, but you choose the length in your alert box app (I use 10 seconds in the previews)

- If you use Streamlabs you must upload this animation to the alert box maker ON THEIR WEBSITE, not the app! It's very easy to do! The website is in your browser and has ".com", the app is the program on your computer. Don't use the program on your computer, please. Streamlabs' app has a bug where the transparency disappears and you end up with a black background. Their OWN customer service reps say to upload it on the *website* because their app is bugged. They specifically say this about their own product. That's okay because you can still just upload it on their website or a working competitor website like StreamElements or Muxy and paste the URL into any stream app. This is actually the classic or usual way of doing it. Corporations are just trying to develop new methods that they haven't got working yet.
- If you use Elgato Game Capture or Lightstream to stream from console, it's just as easy! Just make your alert box with (or Muxy) and then you can paste the URL it gives you into your Elgato or Lightstream's overlay. :)
- If you use Twitch Studio you just add it to an alert box maker on and paste the URL into your stream app as a "browser source". This is the same exact thing as when you use OBS (
- is the only thing I'm referring to when I say OBS. It's the real thing; it's really "open-source" broadcasting software made by and for the community, and not a re-skin by a for-profit conglomerate
- If you decide to make this into a GIF or other file type, you will most likely lose the transparency and quality. Please be advised that WebM is the correct file format and that it is easier and faster to follow these instructions than to spend your valuable time converting and breaking the file. I have been using vanilla OBS (OBSProject) with the browser based and occasionally Elgato with StreamElements for console... for my streaming setup for years. I recommend it because I can always trust it to work. You can even get extra plugins for it, though I don't use any. There are always businesses and competing corporations trying to make new ways of doing things, but as you can see their ideas are not hammered out yet and don't always work. I hope this breakdown will be helpful to you even if a little bit! Instructions are included in this package. Thank you so much!

These are for streamers on any streaming site like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or anywhere.

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🌟 Twitch:
🌟 YouTube:

You are buying a license to use these for one person / content creator per purchase. You may not share the files, resell them, or upload them where others may access them. You may not make derivatives of them for any purpose. You may not use them for any commercial purpose such as, but not limited to, on end products for sale.

Thank you so much for your support of my art! I hope you love them. Please check out my FAQ and shop policies and contact me if I can assist with any questions or improve anything for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not using these anymore / changed my mind. Can I give them to a friend or resell them?

No, the files may not be transferred. Please be sure to review the item images and description thoroughly before purchase, as licenses are for one user per transaction. I want you to be thrilled with your items, so please send me a message if I can do anything to make your experience better!

I am changing my username. Can I update my license?

Yes, please get in touch with me through the same account you used to purchase and let me know your old and new name so I can verify the change took place and update the record!

I only want a certain part of this set. Can I use that part and give my friend the files I don’t use?

Sorry, no, each separate user must have their own license. The reason I include so many files is to let you make exactly what you want, unique to how another customer might use it, at a really great price :)

Still, if there's something you really want separately, please send me a message. In fair cases, I may be able to create a new listing just for you!

⮕ Commissions / Will you do custom work for me / Make something for me??? ⬅

I'm sorry, but I'm not available for custom work or commissions, so I can finish my current projects to list them here! However, I can sometimes make myself available for larger project roles that pay my independent contractor rate in the USA, or for full-time employment.

I do take shop suggestions for ideas you would like to see in the future! (Suggestions implies no guarantee or need to pay, but I will try my best to add it and send you a message if I ever do!)

Can I add my own text to the overlays?

You can use OBS or your streaming app's text editor to layer text on top of livestreams. Even better, use StreamElements so you can add your widgets like your chat and activity widgets plus any text you want.

For image editing, you can always use a graphics program or app to save text, icons, or logos and layer them on top.

A free app is (my referral link in case you sign up for their paid product, but the base program is free and in your browser!). This site allows you to use but not resell their images.

Most of my overlay sets are layered so you don't have to use the included text and icons, but they're there for your convenience if you do want to add them! That's why I love modular Twitch overlays :D

I'm having trouble opening the files or don't see anything in the folder

Please check that you're able to unzip the zip archive. Clients have told me that 7-Zip works best for them, but Winrar sometimes corrupts their files. Some people say Windows creates 2 folders and only 1 has good files. (If you use Mac, pretty much just double-click the zip file to open it!)

A webm is a video, not an image. Please use the video setting in your stream software. For example, if you use OBS Studio (, add it as a "media source" rather than as an "image". (Please check your own stream app's manual.)

A png file is not something you can turn into a jpg and expect the same results. It wouldn't have a transparent background anymore, and it could have jpeg artifacts. Please don't alter for best results! ^-^

What do I need to know about my license?

Please input your profile name or the URL to where you stream when purchasing so I can add you to the profiles that have a license! Your license is valid for one content creator per purchase, so if you use the same streaming "identity" on both Twitch and Youtube, for example, that's perfectly fine!

Unlicensed use can be subject to DMCA Takedowns and/or other applicable actions or reports on their streaming accounts. This is simply to avoid theft of my work, especially resale as someone has attempted this before. I'm a solo artist, so I can't thank you enough for your support, and I appreciate your kind consideration and understanding!

Can I buy this for someone else?

Of course! You can get a gift card for them or you can enter their name instead of yours in the personalization. Please ensure only one person per purchase uses the item.

STREAMLABS doesn't work / won't upload something

I can't provide customer service for third-party corporations, but I do know these common Streamlabs stream alert issues!

- Upload alert files to their website, not their app
- It's supposed to be a webm; please don't convert it
- Click "Save Settings" and wait a few moments
- Upload using Chrome not Safari
- There is no .overlay file needed :)
- If it gives you a "!" error it's because they updated their alert box. Please go to the bottom of the page and find "Open Alert Variations" and delete whatever is in it. Then you can upload normally!

Is it something else? Please contact their support! Please please please don't punish artists for big corporations' updates or errors

What software should I use to stream?

"Vanilla" OBS with StreamElements is what I use!

- OBS:
- StreamElements:

Streamlabs OBS is also popular, but make sure you upload alerts to their website and not to the SLOBS app before using them. (SLOBS is a for-profit re-skin of the free OBS above)


(My referral code in case you decide to buy their Prime! It costs nothing extra to you and helps support me. You can still just decide to use their free product!)

Works well, without lag, smooth and nice aesthetic

love how this adds in spooky vibes to my stream! thank you

Took me awhile to get my alerts settings right to move with the gif, but overall not too difficult to install!

Super cute! Easy to use also.

So cute! And its easy to install

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